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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the UK BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2005, by order of first appearance.

Johnny AllenEdit

Reverend Stevens Edit

File:Michael Keating.jpg
Michael Keating, who plays Reverend Stevens

Reverend Stevens, played by Michael Keating, is a recurring character who is the vicar in Walford. His first appearance was in the episode originally broadcast on 10 January 2005, being introduced by executive producer Kate Harwood, and he has appeared in at least one episode in every year since.

He first appears to discuss Freddie Mitchell's christening with Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) in 2005. Following this he appears to discuss Den (leslie Grantham) and Chrissie Watts' (Tracy-Ann Oberman) vow renewals, and performs the funerals of Neil and Sue Miller, Nana Moon (Hilda Braid), Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard) and Frank Butcher (Mike Reid).

He occasionally visits Dot Branning (June Brown) to discuss her faith, including following the death of her friend Pauline and Dot's struggle when she takes on the responsibility of caring for a refugee baby. In December 2008 he returns after Dot donates a substantial amount of money to have the church roof repaired. He feels it is his need to investigate whether Dot has donated from her own life savings but she does not want to make a fuss.

In March 2009, he arranges plans for Peggy's (Barbara Windsor) wedding to Archie (Larry Lamb), and also performs Amy Mitchell's christening in April and May 2009. In January 2010 he performs Archie's funeral. He is also seen in March, performing Bradley Branning's (Charlie Clements) funeral. In September, he meets Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) and Minty Peterson (Cliff Parisi) to talk about a Christening for Heather's baby George, and is confused about Heather and Minty's relationship. The next week he conducts the christening. In October 2010, Max Branning (Jake Wood) arranges for him to visit Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) following the death of her son, Billie Jackson (Devon Anderson), but Carol gets angry as Billie was not religious.

Amanda ParryEdit

Amanda Parry
Played by Sarah Preston
Duration 2005
Arrival 7 February 2005
Departure 23 August 2005
Occupation Solicitor

Amanda Parry, played by Sarah Preston, is the friend and confidant of Chrissie Watts, first appearing in the show just before Chrissie and Den Watts are set to renew their wedding vows. She is aware of Den's nefarious behaviour and "colourful associates", and sympathises with Chrissie over the matter of Den's affair with Zoe Slater.[1] She plots with Chrissie to get revenge on Den, and looks into Den's financial affairs, finding the secret account Den has opened for Zoe, who is pregnant with his child. Chrissie is enraged, but Amanda councils calm and convinces Chrissie to take a longer view so as to get as much out of Den as possible. She also prepares legal papers to put Chrissie's name on the deed to The Queen Victoria public house. Chrissie persuades Den to eventually sign (as a wedding renewal present) thereby making Chrissie co-owner of the pub. Amanda leaves after the vow-renewal ceremony, urging Chrissie not to go soft on Den.

A few months later, after Den's death, Chrissie is desperate to get full control of the pub (in order to sell it) and asks Amanda for help. Amanda returns to Walford, at which time Chrissie tells her that Den has run off with another woman and is in hiding again. Amanda wants to track him down, but Chrissie convinces her that it will take a long time to find him, and that she cannot stand to live in The Queen Victoria any longer, as Den's children Sharon and Dennis have returned. Amanda is aware of the way Den placed his "princess", Sharon, above all others (including Chrissie) and is resentful of her presence. In desperation Chrissie forges Den's signature on papers that give her full control of the pub, getting Amanda, after much hesitancy, to sign as the witness. Amanda then leaves Walford, taking the papers to lodge at court and Chrissie puts the pub up for sale.

Mitch Cowen Edit

Mitch Cowen
Played by Tristan Gemmill
Duration 2005
Arrival 21 February 2005
Departure 25 February 2005
Occupation Detective constable

Detective Constable Mitch Cowen was the police officer investigating the suspicious death of Andy Hunter, who was pushed from a flyover by Johnny Allen. They interviewed Johnny and his associate Jake Moon, but the eventual outcome of the investigation was that Andy committed suicide.

Tina StewartEdit

Tina Stewart
Played by Charlotte Avery
Duration 2005
Arrival 15 March 2005
Departure 1 November 2005
Date of birth 7 April 1965

Tina Stewart is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Charlotte Avery.

Tina was Johnny Allen's mistress for 10 years and supported him when his wife and older daughter were killed in a house fire. After making peace with Johnny's daughter Ruby Allen, Tina finally moved in with Johnny, where they seem to have enjoyed some measure of domestic tranquility between crises. She was made uncomfortable by Johnny's having hired an attractive barmaid, Amy, for his nightclub Scarlet, who Ruby later found him kissing, leading to her telling Tina about the whole incident. Johnny openly admitted to having a fling and shocked Tina with his attitude by trying to brush it off as though it was nothing, telling Tina to forget it, and she realised exactly what he was really like, and fled Albert Square for good.

Ruby AllenEdit

Margaret WilsonEdit

Margaret Wilson
Played by Janet Amsden
Duration 2005–06
Arrival 25 March 2005
Departure 9 May 2006
Date of birth 1931
Date of death 1 June 2006
Occupation Retired

Margaret Wilson was the adoptive grandmother of Sonia and Martin Fowler's daughter, Rebecca Miller, and mother of Rebecca's dead adoptive mother, Sue Miller.

Sonia visited Margaret (under the name "Pamela") to see Rebecca. Margaret found out that Sonia is Rebecca's biological mother and since let Pauline (Martin's mother), Martin and Sonia visit Rebecca.

On 15 December 2005, Margaret admitted that she was getting tired so she let Pauline, Martin and Sonia look after Rebecca for Christmas 2005.

On 1 May 2006, Margaret visited Sonia to tell her she wanted her and Martin to be Rebecca's legal guardians. Just days later, she was utterly disgusted with Sonia, as she discovered that Sonia had left Martin and lied about being together. Sonia later visited Margaret, who was almost convinced to allow Sonia back into Rebecca's life, until Sonia told Margaret she was in a relationship with another woman.

The next day, Martin went to see Margaret and had more success as Margaret thought Rebecca would be more secure with Pauline and Martin.

On 1 June 2006, Martin received a phone call to say Margaret had died. Margaret's funeral was on Monday 12 June 2006.

Michael Rawlins Edit

Michael Rawlins
Played by Melvyn Hayes
Duration 2005
Arrival 10 May 2005
Departure 17 June 2005
Occupation Driving instructor

Michael Rawlins first arrived in 2005 as was a driving instructor who taught Dot Branning how to drive. After a few lessons Michael made a move on Dot which she quickly rejected. She decided to stop taking any more driving lessons from Michael. Michael then threatened to tell Dot's husband Jim all about what had happened but Dot told him he wouldn't dare. Then Michael told her that he can recommend her to another driving instructor if she wants to continue taking lessons and then left never to be seen again.

Trisha TaylorEdit

Trisha Taylor
Played by Cathy Murphy
Duration 2005
Arrival 23 May 2005
Departure 15 August 2005

Patricia "Trisha" Taylor is married to Ray Taylor, who abused her. They had a son called Leo Taylor, who fathered Aleesha Miller. Leo became fed up of his abusive father and ran away with Demi Miller and their daughter. Leo took a heroin overdose when he thought Demi was dead, and died later in hospital. She maintained contact with Rosie Miller and sometimes looked after Aleesha, until Rosie, Demi and Aleesha moved away from London.

Naomi JulienEdit

Joe MacerEdit

Dawn SwannEdit

Mike SwannEdit

Mike Swann
Played by Mark Wingett
Creator Kate Harwood
Duration 2005–06
Arrival 26 September 2005
Departure 10 March 2006
Classification Former; regular
Date of birth 1960
Occupation Con man

Michael "Mike" Swann is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Mark Wingett.

Mike is the ex-husband of Rosie Miller, and father of Mickey and Dawn. Mike deserted his family when Dawn was 6 and Mickey was 3.

Dawn tracked her father down and went to live with him in France years later. She invited Mickey to visit, not telling him about Mike. Mickey took Gus, Juley, Garry and Minty with him. Mike exposed Juley as a conman, as he was one himself. He conned Minty out of his life savings and rode off into the sunset. He felt guilty and returned the money to Mickey, and sent Dawn back to Walford with Mickey, then drove away on the lookout for his next con.

He returned on Christmas Day 2005, turning up on the Millers' doorstep in Albert Square, following the illness of his mother Nora Swann. He was then persuaded to stay at the Millers' house by his daughter Dawn after he revealed he was penniless and with nowhere to stay. Keith didn't like that Mike was staying and tried to get him out but didn't succeed.

Mike stayed on the Miller's sofa, where Darren had hidden a large sum of cash he found. Mike found the cash and stole it, suggesting to Keith that he buy a new sofa as the old one was in poor condition. The old sofa was then burnt on a bonfire and the family believed the money had been destroyed.

Mike eventually found a job as a manager of Johnny Allen's club Scarlet. After spending some time with Rosie, he admitted he wanted to get back together with her. Rosie too started to realise her feelings for Mike had returned. Mike told her to leave Keith behind and go with him and take Darren and Demi with her too, but Rosie backed out and Mike left the Square on his own, once again abandoning his son and daughter.

After his mother died, Mike returned, and got Dawn involved in a scam to get Nora's money. Nora had left £5,000 to Rosie, but Mike got Dawn to pose as Rosie to get the money from Nora's carer, Kitty. Mike had told Dawn that he was going to start a new life in Spain for himself and Rosie, but in reality he had only booked a one-way ticket to Spain for himself. Dawn, Rosie and Mickey found out at the last minute and Rosie gave the money to Mike on the condition that he never came back.


Played by Nina Fry
Duration 2005–06
Arrival 17 October 2005
Departure 24 January 2006
Occupation Barmaid/Club manager

Amy first appeared in late October 2005 as a barmaid in Johnny Allen's club, Scarlet. Amy then had an affair with Johnny behind Johnny's partner's back, Tina Stewart. They ended up sleeping together. When Johnny left Albert Square and the new manager, Mike Swann, had done a runner, Amy became manager of the club. She last appeared when Stacey Slater's drink was spiked in the club by Deano Wicks in January 2006 and she and Stacey had a fight.

Sid Edit

Played by Trevor Peacock
Zac McGuire (flashback)
Duration 2005
Appears on 11 November 2005
Date of birth circa 1928
Occupation Ex-soldier

Sid appeared in the 11 November 2005 Normandy/Remembrance Day episode, both in the flashbacks (played by Zac McGuire), and in the present day action (played by Trevor Peacock).

Sid joined the army aged 16, lying about his age (he pretended to be 18) to become a "hero". He was consoled by William Moon before going into battle, which he survived, and William didn't.

61 years later, on 11 November 2005, Sid met William's grandson, Alfie Moon, trying to force-feed his sick Nana (William's widow) in a Normandy restaurant. When Alfie left the restaurant, Sid followed him to shout at him, but they ended up having a heart-to-heart, both being unaware of their connection with William Moon.

Ritchie Scott Edit

Ritchie Scott
Played by Sian Webber
Introducer Kate Harwood
Duration 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Arrival 14 November 2005
Classification Present; recurring
Occupation Lawyer

Richmal "Ritchie" Scott is Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) lawyer, taking the place of Marcus Christie (Stephen Churchett), who helped Den Watts (Leslie Grantham) to con the Mitchell family out of their businesses. In November 2005 she gave Phil advice about his sister Sam's (Kim Medcalf) arrest for the murder of Den Watts, and in April 2006 advised him on his custody battle for his son, Ben (Charlie Jones), with Ben's older half brother Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), following their mother Kathy's (Gillian Taylforth) death. In 2006 she worked alongside Stella Crawford (Sophie Thompson), who met with Phil when Ritchie wasn't available.

Phil later re-hired her in January 2007 to represent Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) when she was arrested for the murder of her ex-mother-in-law, Pauline (Wendy Richard). She appeared again in January 2008 when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) had recorded evidence that Phil had supplied Kevin Wicks (Phil Daniels) with stolen cut-and-shut cars that lead to Kevin's death.

In September 2009, upon the return of Sam (now Daniella Westbrook), she advised the Mitchells that Sam faced five and a half years in prison for perverting the course of justice, failure to surrender and travelling on a false passport. In June 2010 she visits Phil to talk about Ben's upcoming court case for assaulting Jordan Johnson (Michael-Joel David Stuart) and suggests that Jordan could change his story to say Ben was provoked. When Ben is due to attend Crown Court, Ritchie tells Phil that, based on a recent, similar case, Ben could get six weeks' custody. However, Phil is angry with Ritchie when Ben is sentenced to 10 months.

Honey MitchellEdit

Isla McCulloch Edit

Isla McCulloch
Played by Danielle Lyndon
Duration 2005
Arrival 29 November 2005
Departure 1 December 2005
Occupation Doctor

Doctor Isla McCulloch first appeared on 29 November 2005, when Alfie Moon was worried about his Nana's deteriorating health. She offered him help, but he declined, telling her he could look after Nana by himself.[2]

In December, she visited Nana again, only to be seen by Alfie's estranged wife Kat, who presumed that the doctor was Alfie's new lover. Kat later saw her in The Queen Vic with another man, and confronted her. She revealed that she was Nana's doctor, and that the other man was her husband, Callum.[3]

Callum McCulloch Edit

Callum McCulloch
Played by Julian Harries
Duration 2005
Appears on 1 December 2005

Callum McCulloch was the husband of Isla McCulloch, Victoria Moon's doctor when she was dying. When Victoria's grandson Alfie's estranged wife Kat saw Alfie and Isla together, she presumed that they were a couple. She saw Isla and Callum together and confronted them. Isla then revealed that she was Nana's doctor, not Alfie's lover.[3]

Abby Edit

Played by Charlotte McDonagh
Duration 2005
Appears on 8 December 2005

Abby was the best friend of Stacey Slater. Abby had been spoken about in the Square when Stacey first arrived in 2004, and she was often telling Abby on the phone about the latest goings on.

When Stacey returned home to visit her ill mother, Jean, she saw a heavily pregnant Abby in a café. Stacey was upset with Abby because they had lost contact, and Abby hadn't told Stacey about the increasing severity of Jean's illness. When Abby lit a cigarette, Stacey called her "Vicky Pollard", which Abby responded to by making fun of Jean, calling her "retarded" and "a sket".

Dominic Morton Edit

Dominic Morton
Played by William Neenan
Duration 2005
Appears on 9 December 2005
Occupation Lawyer

Dominic Morton was the prosecution lawyer at Janine Evans' trial for the murder of Laura Beale. Pat Evans, who Janine was with when Laura died, told him that she could give Janine an alibi after previously lying and saying she hadn't seen Janine.

Nora Swann Edit

Nora Swann
Played by Pamela Cundell
Duration 2005–06
Arrival 26 December 2005
Departure 10 February 2006
Date of death 14 February 2006

Nora Swann was the sick mother of Mike Swann, who Rosie and Dawn visited in hospital. She got on well with Rosie and Dawn but didn't appear to get on well with Mike. Her illness was the reason Mike came to Walford and stayed with the Millers. She died on 14 February 2006 of pneumonia with Rosie at her side.

References Edit

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