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Lucy Beale
1558049-low res-eastenders
EastEnders character
Played by Eva Brittin-Snell (1993–96)
Casey Anne Rothery (1996–2004)
Melissa Suffield (2004–10)
Hetti Bywater (2012—14)
Introducer Leonard Lewis (1993)
Bryan Kirkwood (2012)
Duration 1993–2010, 2012—2014
Arrival 16 December 1993
Classification Present; regular (departing)
Spin-off appearances EastEnders: E20 (2010)
Date of birth 9 December 1993
Date of death 2014
Occupation Student (1998—2010)
Waitress (2008–10)
Chip shop worker (2007–10

Lucy Katherine Beale is a character from EastEnders, played by Eva Brittin-Snell from 1993 to 1996, Casey Anne Rothery from 1996 until 2004, Melissa Suffield from 2004 to 2010 and Hetti Bywater from 2012 onwards. Lucy was introduced in December 1993 as the newborn baby of characters Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins). She is the twin sister of Peter (Thomas Law), and has three half siblings, older brother Steven (Edward Savage, Aaron Sidwell), younger sister Cindy (Eva Sayer) and younger brother Bobby (Alex Francis). The character had few storylines of her own until 2004 when the role was recast to an older actress. Storylines featuring Lucy have since focused upon her teenage rebellion. In 2010, Suffield left EastEnders, after she was allegedly axed due to "unruly behaviour." On 14 November 2011, it was announced Lucy would be returning in 2012 with Bywater taking over the role. She returned on 12 January 2012.



Lucy has an unsettled childhood. At the age of two, her mother Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) attempts to have her father Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) shot, and then flees the country with Lucy's brothers, Peter and Steven. She fails to get to Lucy in time and for almost a year, Lucy is separated from her brothers before Ian gets them back. Lucy is reunited with Cindy when she returns to fight for custody of her children in 1997. Cindy is given custody of all three children in 1998, but she is arrested directly after the court case for the attempted murder of Ian. She dies during childbirth in prison, but her baby, Cindy, survives and is given to Cindy's sister Gina (Nicola Cowper). Lucy then grows up with various stepmothers, the first of whom, Melanie Healy (Tamsin Outhwaite), only marries Ian after Ian lies that Lucy has cancer. The marriage ends when Melanie discovers a letter giving Lucy the all-clear and Mel reveals to Ian she slept with Steve Owen (Martin Kemp). Second stepmother, Laura (Hannah Waterman), provides Lucy with another half brother, Bobby, in 2003. By the time her third stepmother, Jane Collins (Laurie Brett), enters her life, Lucy is wary. She rejects Jane, missing her real mother, but they eventually bond and Lucy is happy when Ian and Jane marry in 2007.

As Lucy progresses into her teenage years, she begins to show signs of rebellion — stealing, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, lying, playing truant from school, being surly to her parents, and taking a keen interest in boys. Things worsen when Ian employs 18-year-old Craig Dixon (Rory Jennings) to work alongside Lucy in his chip shop. The pair are instantly attracted to one another, and despite Craig being five years older than Lucy, they begin a secret relationship. Craig proves a bad influence on Lucy, and upon discovering their relationship, Ian punches Craig, and warns him away. The pair secretly run away to be together, with Lucy seemingly unafraid of the fact Craig carries a gun and has assaulted shopkeeper Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker). However, when he tries to press her for sexual intercourse, she panics, returns to Walford, and confesses his crime to her father. Craig is arrested on suspicion of attempted murder; however Lucy keeps his gun, which he has stashed in her bag. Soon, Lucy claims she is in touch with her dead mother Cindy. It transpires that she has in fact been contacted by her brother Steven, posing as Cindy in order to kidnap Ian. He holds Ian hostage for weeks, while moving in with his frantic, but unsuspecting family. The situation culminates with Steven accidentally shooting Jane with Craig's gun. After Ian gets Steven some psychiatric help, Ian allows him to live with them, to Lucy's delight. In March 2008, Ian and Lucy have a row over a party of Lucy's. Ian slaps his daughter, and she runs away. The Beales search for Lucy for weeks, before it is revealed that Steven has been hiding her, turning her against her family and convincing her to move to France, so that he might usurp her place in their affections. Ian discovers the truth and is able to convince Lucy to come home, banishing Steven from their lives.

Lucy's rebellion continues. She leaves home temporarily to move in with Jane's brother Christian Clarke (John Partridge), has a relationship with the older Olly Greenwood (Bart Edwards) and decides to go on the contraceptive pill. Lucy inadvertently walks in on Christian and Syed Masood (Marc Elliott) kissing in an alleyway, though they do not see her. She then begins a blackmail vendetta by spray-painting the Masoods' door with the words 'bad boy', sending a picture of them kissing to Syed, and sending threatening text messages and demanding money. Syed pays the £300 she demands and she buys a mobile phone, only to be mugged by Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and left unconscious. When the phone is found in a bin, Christian realises that Lucy is the blackmailer and tells Syed, who confronts her. Lucy meets Leon Small (Sam Attwater), and they start an on-off relationship with each other, with Lucy losing her virginity to Leon. However Leon has feelings for Zsa Zsa Carter (Emer Kenny), and the two get together, much to Lucy's annoyance. Soon, Lucy reveals to Jane that she is pregnant by Leon. Jane tells Lucy she should consider having an abortion and Ian would never have to know. When the letter confirming the appointment arrives, Peter picks it up by mistake and talks to Lucy about her pregnancy. Lucy then proposes to Jane that she and Ian can adopt the baby. Jane gives it some thought and accepts Lucy's proposal. Lucy and Jane tell Ian that Lucy is pregnant, and he reacts badly, attempting to book an abortion and find Leon. When they tell him their plan, he initially says they are mad, but then Ian reluctantly agrees. However, Lucy soon realises she does not want to go through with it, and tells Ian she wants an abortion. After the abortion, Ian tells Jane that Lucy had a miscarriage. Lucy then tells Leon she had an abortion. Months later, in an attempt to show Zsa Zsa what Leon is really like, she reveals to Zsa Zsa that Leon was the person who got her pregnant. Zsa Zsa is angry with Leon for not helping Lucy through her miscarriage, so he reveals that she had an abortion, which Peter hears. He is then disgusted with Lucy and Ian for lying to Jane.

Lucy asks Adam Best (David Proud) to help her cheat her exams. He asks for payment, which she steals from the café. Ian catches her, and she admits she has been buying exam papers. She goes to Adam, who turns down her cash, saying he wants payment in kind. After Lucy's final exam, Adam demands sex but she refuses and slams the door on him, saying she has played him at his own game and won. Lucy fears that Adam has informed the school that she cheated when she is called to see a teacher, and informs Peter that she has cheated. However, the teacher tells Lucy she aced her exams and is destined for Oxbridge. Peter calls her unbelievable, and later confronts Adam, causing Adam's girlfriend Libby Fox (Belinda Owusu) to overhear what he has done to Lucy. Libby then dumps Adam, which causes him to leave Walford.

Lucy receives mostly As and A*s in her GCSEs, but as the family celebrate, they are interrupted by the headteacher Mr Allcock (Bill Buckhurst) who says Lucy's results are inconsistent and there has been an allegation of cheating, and that the exam board will have to look at both Lucy and Peter's exam papers. Lucy eventually confesses to Jane that she did cheat and finds out she will have to retake the whole year, so she decides to give up school and live with her grandmother in Devon, unaware that Jane knows she had an abortion. Ian later receives news that Peter and Lucy have been involved in a car crash and takes Bobby to visit them.


Lucy returns to Walford after receiving news that family friend Pat Evans (Pam St. Clement) has died and is angered to hear that Ian is now engaged to Mandy Salter (Nicola Stapleton). At Pat's funeral, Lucy reunites with Jane and catches up with her friend Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa), resulting in them getting drunk. Lucy appears to get on with Mandy following the funeral and they bond over drinks, however, Lucy's true colours are revealed when she asks Mandy to get them some drugs and tries to set her up in an attempt to get Ian to throw her out. When Ian finds the drugs he forgives Mandy. When Lucy finds out that Heather Trott (Cheryl Ferguson) is engaged to Andrew Cotton (Ricky Grover), Lucy sees this as an opportunity to persuade Heather to arrange her wedding for the same day as Ian and Mandy's wedding. When Mandy finds out what, Lucy has done, Mandy attacks Lucy in the Vic in front of everyone.

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